About the Book


Living with Crossdressing – Defining a New Normal is being written with a dual purpose in mind. I wish to help the struggling crossdresser to discover more about himself and to find a life balance. I hope to provide encouragement for the cis-people in the crossdresser’s life, allowing them to understand the authentic person in front of them.

I hope to impart important qualities in your journey of discovery or self-discovery.

  • Be honest  – with yourself and those around you.
  • Be selfless – focusing on yourself does not have to keep you from focusing on those you love.
  • Find a balance – keep yourself from being pushed or pulled in any one direction too far, keeping centered and grounded.

Are you a cis-woman partner of a man who crossdresses? Are you struggling with what it means to be in a relationship with a man who you have discovered – by accident or his own admission – enjoys wearing feminine clothing?

Join me as I set out to uncover some of the reasons why so many men (including myself) dress as women. Read the stories of real couples who are looking for a new balance in their relationships, including the point of views of the women who decided to stand by their… ahem… men as they learn to better understand their crossdresser and learn how to cope and thrive.

Somewhere amid the misconceptions, stereotypes, and ignorance is the truth about non-transitioning, non- fetish, crossdressing men. But more than that is the strength and care of the women who continue to love and support them.

Living with Crossdressing – Defining a New Normal is now available for ordering in paperback and digital download.






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