About Savannah Hauk

If you read Living With Crossdressing – The New Normal, you will know more about my life from than many people do with whom I interact with on a daily basis. Although I do live a dual life when it comes to colleagues, co-workers, and friends, I am an open book to the right people. Living With Crossdressing – The New Normal will be available summer 2017.

I hail from Detroit, Michigan, where the climate of acceptability in the 80s and 90s was less than stellar for crossdressers and other transgender folks. Twenty years ago, I moved to the big city of Manhattan Island for work-related reasons and discovered a world (or a couple of boroughs) where alternative lifestyles were so much more socially acceptable. Eventually, I moved out to Long Island where I have continued to live, work, love and explore both my masculinity and femininity.

I hope this journey is of help for both for the crossdresser in understanding themselves and who they could become, and for those partners, friends and families that may need more words to help support and foster their own understanding and acceptance of a person whose lifestyle may be foreign, misconstrued, and scary.

Live well, love well, and be the best beautiful creature you can be.