Reading the Labels

A dear friend of mine, while reading Living with Crossdressing: Defining a New Normal, mentioned that she enjoyed one of the early chapters of the book that focused on the different types of crossdressers that I have come in contact with. She said that we need to find a better term to describe us. She was looking for a term that we, as a group, could be proud of. A descriptor that doesn’t drip with an air of stereotypes and taboos. A label that doesn’t strike discord in all who hear it uttered.

A Hairy Situation

I am always spouting out positive quotes and statements about going beyond tolerance and into acceptance and fellowship. But what happens when I find myself making a harsh judgment about someone else? Now, I am the one who suddenly holds me in higher regard than the person I am casting aspersion over.

Are Crossdressers Considered Transgender?

There is speculation among some that crossdressing men are not, by nature, to be considered transgender. Sure, crossdressers can be assigned to the term transvestite or tranny (as it relates to transvestism), but some believe that crossdressers are not part of the transgender group because of crossdressers do not feel a deep-rooted need to become the opposite gender.