Have Pride Beyond LGBT Pride Month

resident Trump’s White House won’t acknowledge it, but we recognize it. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month) is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. Many activists, community leaders, and brave individuals have petitioned and protested for their rights of equality, for self-affirmation, and to celebrate sexual diversity and gender expression.

Pride is not just a term to be used to label the event or the month on the calendar. The term resounds for all of the members of the LGBT community who proudly live their lives in the public eye. It serves as a beacon of hope for those still struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity, possibly allowing the timid and the scared to come forward “out of the closet” to realize that their lives matter – that they can live a life that is full and authentic.

It is a blessed and wonderful endeavor to be recognized and celebrated throughout June. It is even more rewarding to celebrate your authentic self every day of every month. June may have become the symbol of LGBT pride, but embodying that confidence and fearlessness every day of the year is paramount to our success as individuals. Maybe you are ready to step into the spotlight. Maybe you are not. Your pride doesn’t need to be vocal and public. It can be private and quiet. Pride should start from within each of us and radiate out to those around us.

Live in a positive way and leave each people you touch better off than when you found them.


Author: livingwithcrossdressing

I am many things. I am a life-long male-to-female crossdresser and author. I hope my journey is of value for those who may need help to foster, support, and understand who they feel themselves to be.

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