Reading the Labels

A dear friend of mine, while reading Living with Crossdressing: Defining a New Normal, mentioned that she enjoyed one of the early chapters of the book that focused on the different types of crossdressers that I have come in contact with. She said that we need to find a better term to describe us. She was looking for a term that we, as a group, could be proud of. A descriptor that doesn’t drip with an air of stereotypes and taboos. A label that doesn’t strike discord in all who hear it uttered.

I mentioned to her that we had changed labels. We had shed the more clinical term of transvestite in favor of the less offensive term of crossdresser. I explained how I felt that changing monikers from crossdresser to something  different would only be void of stigma and misunderstanding for a short time. It wasn’t our jobs to pursue a new category.

It is more important to embrace who we are as crossdressers.

It is important to let in the general public in an effort to expose them to an alternative lifestyle and educate them in the reality of the crossdressers’ gender reality.

Living life is not about chasing after a more socially accepted labels, but to embrace the life you have or elevate yourself above the misconceptions and misinformation with a sense of grace and confidence.


Author: livingwithcrossdressing

I am many things. I am a life-long male-to-female crossdresser and author. I hope my journey is of value for those who may need help to foster, support, and understand who they feel themselves to be.

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