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Hello, lovely folx from all walks of life. We are going to try something different The Fox and Phoenix.

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Fox and Hanger

Instead of reading my own opinions, perspectives, and musings about various topics of crossdressing life. I will be engaging in ongoing conversations with Julie Rubenstein. A certified image consultant and co-owner of Fox and Hanger, who caters to crossdressing and transgender women in the search for the perfect fashion lookS. That meets their expectations and styles.

Julie and I will be delving into and sharing our own personal battles and struggles, shared and unique experiences. All with the hopes that as we better understand how we each uniquely tick, we will discover we actually notice our rhythms are in sync. Join us to discover more about me and Julie–and, maybe, realize more about yourself. xoxo

Understanding the Feminine Crossdressing Experience – To de-mystify, humanize, and celebrate the crossdressing community, providing a positive and realistic understanding through conversation between a crossdresser and a cis-ally.


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SAVANNAH HAUK is the author of “Living with Crossdressing: Defining a New Normal” and “Living with Crossdressing: Discovering your True Identity“. While both focus on the male-to-female (MtF) crossdresser, “Defining a New Normal” delves into crossdressing and relationships, and “Discovering Your True Identity” looks at the individual crossdressing journey.

Savannah is a male-to-female dual-gender crossdresser who is visible in the Upstate of South Carolina, active in local groups, and advocating as a public speaker at LGBTQ+ conferences and workshops across the United States. At the moment, Savannah is working on more books, blogs, and projects focused on letting every crossdresser–young and mature–find their own confidence, expression, identity, and voice.


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JULIE RUBENSTEIN is a dedicated ally to the transgender community and the certified image consultant and co-owner of Fox and Hanger.

F&H is a unique service for transgender women and male-to-female crossdressers that creates customized virtual fashion and style “lookbooks”. Julie intuitively connects with each client to find the appropriate clothes, makeup, hair, and shapewear. All in alignment with their budget, body type, authentic style, and unique personality. Julie also provided femme coaching and wardrobe support. She has made it her life’s work to help MTF individuals feel safe and confident. When it comes to their female person, expression, and identity.

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I am many things. I am a life-long male-to-female crossdresser and author. I hope my journey is of value for those who may need help to foster, support, and understand who they feel themselves to be.

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